About Us

Overtures of ‘Spill over effects’ from R&D organizations are very common in the industry. After spending quality time of about 15+ years in R&D departments of premier product organizations like Philips, Honeywell, it was quite uncalled for to move out of a comfort zone. But we wanted to carve a niche for ourselves, so we decided to take the leap.

Second challenge was to search for mentors. After some pursuit we were fortunate to rope in two well-informed knowledgeable mentors. They both had 42+ years of relevant industry experience and one has MBA from Stanford University, USA.

Our Story

  • 2011

    ConceptBytes got incorporated in Bangalore, India.

    Cloud Sync – Our Framework for Non-invasive Real-time Synchronization of distributed data to secure Hybrid Cloud got attention of a leading BFSI client with 3800+ locations.

    After successful Proof of Concept, Customer placed the order.

    We, as a company, wanted to make our customer feel special. Hence, decided to give some add-ons to our customer. Benefits included but not limited to, Use cases like near real- time fraud detection, EOD financial consolidation, Real-time high/suspicious transactions alerts.

    Our gesture of going over and above the call of duty was valued by our customer. They acknowledged, how much it helped them in carrying out their business with ease. This was one solid tribute, that created a positive buzz for us.

  • 2013

    We had enough work to keep us busy. However, we realised that a big part of any business is to keep re-inventing the wheel. We continued with our experimental efforts and successfully created forward versions of CloudSync.

    Company decided, we will launch version no.3. It had better performance and reliability, almost four times the older version. Today, CloudSync has become an inevitable part of client business. After this amazing success, we made up our mind to go for the next stride, a New Product development.

    We, Founders once again went back to the drawing board, this time with a different zeal. Eventually, we brought into existence our special product “SMART SURVEILLANCE”.

  • 2016

    SMART SURVEILLANCE turned out to be our second pristine creation. As expected, it started gaining traction and revenue generation from 3600+ locations. Now, with two frameworks in production (CloudSync and Smart Surveillance), we found ourselves working for 18 hours straight, every single day.

  • 2019

    As time went by, SMART SURVEILLANCE was getting more mature. It got enriched with inputs from beta sites, customer locations and brand agnostic device support. Smart Surveillance customer base currently includes banks, retail chains, jewelleries in Middle East and Indian Markets.

    Our truly remarkable achievement: Smart Surveillance became Microsoft Recommended Solution in Microsoft Partner Application Marketplace.